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Roserie Scarf Ecru Beige
Roserie Scarf Ecru Beige
Roserie Scarf Ecru Beige

Roserie Scarf Ecru Beige

Fog Linen Work

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Thin linen is made into a lightweight scarf. The lightweight feel is comfortable against the skin, and is useful for keeping warm when it is chilly, as well as for protection from the sun and air conditioning, making it useful for a long season.

There are many ways to wrap it. We recommend wrapping it around your neck or using it as a shawl, taking advantage of its size. Even if you don't wrap it around your neck, there are many ways to use it, such as putting it over your basket bag to keep its contents out of sight. The top and bottom edges are fringed.

It is so lightweight that you will carry it with you every day. You can't go wrong with basic colors, but you can also try gorgeous colors right away with a scarf.

This scarf made of linen fabric, which can be used in a variety of ways, is a great gift idea. This item will please people of all ages.

W 60cm x L 170cm
100% linen
machine wash gentle/dry cool or line-dry