Skylar Shirt Bruno
Skylar Shirt Bruno
Skylar Shirt Bruno

Skylar Shirt Bruno


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The stand-up collar of the Skylar shirt, also called "officer collar", is not as tight as a regular shirt collar. It makes the neck area look neat, tidy and smart.

The difference in length between the front and back of the shirt makes it easy to balance the overall look without having to tuck the shirt in at the waist, and it can be worn with voluminous bottoms without looking too loose around the waist (like a long shirt for example). 
The product image is a sample. The length of the front of the shirt will be about 2cm longer than the sample.

Model height 162cm.

back length: 55 cm

chest: 104 cm

should width: 38 cm

sleeve length: 55 cm 

100% linen

machine wash gentle/dry cool or line-dry