Rae Pants Blue Indigo
Rae Pants Blue Indigo
Rae Pants Blue Indigo

Rae Pants Blue Indigo


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size: waist free, inseam 65 cm

100% linen

machine wash gentle/dry cool or line-dry


These petite pants are useful for layering dresses and tunics. The thin linen fabric absorbs sweat and dries quickly, making it very comfortable to wear under a dress. They don't cling to the body, making them a stylish choice for hot summer days. They are slightly tapered toward the hem so that the hem does not spread out, and they will also make your legs look more stylish. You can coordinate them in the same color or use them as an accent color, so you will want to have different colors. It has a translucent feel, so please wear it as a layering item.
You can use it to coordinate with other colors or as an accent color.

Coordinates --- Asha Top Rose
Model height 162cm