Linen Tray Round Cutlery

Linen Tray Round Cutlery

Fog Linen Work

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The illustrated linen fabric resin-coated tray is resistant to water, so it's no problem if you can spill juice! If it gets dirty, it can be wiped off quickly, so it is recommended for children's breakfast and snacks.

It can also be used in so many ways, such as collecting seasonings and spices in the kitchen, and placing small items such as stationeries, keys and glasses. There are many cute colors and patterns, so choose the one that suits your style and use it throughout your house.

It is compatible with dishwashers.

○ If a container with water drops or a container containing oil is left for a long time, the color may change. In addition, stains on liquids such as drinking water and seasonings may cause stains, so remove them immediately please.

24 cm

100% linen and polyester resin. Made in Japan. Hand-wash.