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Dorado Necklace, Grey
Dorado Necklace, Grey
Dorado Necklace, Grey

Dorado Necklace, Grey

Abacus Row

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A long necklace made of silk cord threaded with gold-filled tube beads. The tube beads can be slid and moved, so you can connect them to make a beautiful gold line, or move them around to place them in various positions. The length of the necklace can be adjusted by moving the position of the beads at the back. You can change the length depending on your coordination. Wear it with a simple T-shirt or sweater. The slightly darker gray color is chic and can be worn with any outfit.

Length – 76 cm, adjustable
Materials – 14k gold-filled tubes, 14k gold-filled rounds, silk cord.

Handmade in California, USA.

About Abacus Row - Abacus Row is a jewelry brand established in San Francisco since 2012. All accessories created by designer Christine Trac are sophisticated, with beautiful color placement and balance. All of her jewelry is handmade with materials such as Japanese glass beads, gold and silk cord.