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miiThaai Silk & Cotton Shirt Ila Silver
miiThaai Silk & Cotton Shirt Ila Silver
miiThaai Silk & Cotton Shirt Ila Silver

miiThaai Silk & Cotton Shirt Ila Silver


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Simple over sized shirt by the Fog Linen's sister brand "miiThaai" by Yumiko Sekine.

The long tail is the key point of the "Isla Shirt.
The roomy sizing allows you to wear it as relaxing wear or tuck in the hem for a sleeker look.

The front buttons can be opened for a woven look, or you can wear it cache-coeur style. It is a piece that will expand your styling options.

The series made of "cotton silk," which is smooth and beautifully glossy, has both soft and durable cotton and silk, which has excellent moisture absorption, desorption, and heat retention properties, resulting in a high-quality and comfortable garment.

This simple oversized shirt is suitable for both men and women.

-Relaxed fit
-Small seam pockets on both sides
-Back shoulder yoke with two tucks
-cuffs with button closure
-Available in 2 colors

length 88 chest 120 sleeves 77 cm
silk 30% cotton 70%

made in Jaipur, India in the Fog Linen Work atelier.
<Care instructions for silk cotton>

This product can be washed at home.
When washing at home, we recommend that you put it in a net and wash it on the delicate course of the washing machine or by hand.
After dehydrating the garment for a short period of time, please gently stretch the wrinkles and dry it naturally in the shade, or use a low-temperature setting if you use a dryer.
If you wash the garment, some wrinkles will appear, but you can enjoy the natural texture of the garment as it is washed.
If wrinkles are bothering you, please iron at a lower temperature setting while applying a cloth to stretch out the wrinkles.