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【new】 Linen Placemat Umber
【new】 Linen Placemat Umber
【new】 Linen Placemat Umber

【new】 Linen Placemat Umber

Fog Linen Work

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Beautiful linen placemat that can be used for lunch, breakfast, snack time, or when you have guests over!
Once used, it will become an indispensable part of your daily dining table. :)

The new "Amber" color has a bright yellow base with light blue and beige check patterns.
It will warmly add color to your dining table.

The placemats can be matched with the same pattern, or used by the family in different colors.

 Linen is one of the strongest natural fabrics. It is highly absorbent and dries quickly.
At first, the fabric feels crisp and firm, but after a few washes, it becomes softer and softer, and as it is washed, it becomes tighter and tighter.

If it gets dirty, it's No problem! It can be machine washed.

There are many kinds of colors and patterns, so you can use them according to your mood of the day.

100% linen. 35 x 45 cm.

made in Lithuania