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【new】Linen Handkerchief Life with cats
【new】Linen Handkerchief Life with cats
【new】Linen Handkerchief Life with cats

【new】Linen Handkerchief Life with cats

Fog Linen Work

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This is a series of linen fabric prints featuring the quiet and beautiful world of illustrator Misato Ogihara's drawings.

Her drawings bring a story to your mind and have a charm that makes you want to keep looking at them!

Adorable cats yawning, slumbering on a windowsill, or in a box. This linen handkerchief depicts cute cats yawning, slumbering by the window, or in a box.

It is a special handkerchief that makes you want to wrap something important in it and makes you happy every time you find it in your closet.

It can be used not only as a handkerchief, but also as a lunch box wrapper or a wall decoration. This item is also recommended as a gift!

Misato Ogihara ;
Misato Ogihara lives in Tokyo and Yamanashi. After studying design at Tama Art University, she worked as a scenic artist for operas and concerts, and as a store designer. She is active as a designer, illustrator, and artist.


size: W 45 × L 45 cm
linen 100%
made in Lithuania