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【new】Cree Linen Hat Acier
【new】Cree Linen Hat Acier
【new】Cree Linen Hat Acier
【new】Cree Linen Hat Acier

【new】Cree Linen Hat Acier

Fog Linen Work

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A casual hat with stitching on the brim.

The hat is foldable, so it can be conveniently tucked away in a bag when indoors.

Perfect for going out.

The linen material dries quickly and is highly absorbent, so it is comfortable to wear even during the sweaty season. It is also washable, so you can always use it in super clean!

The simple design makes it a great gift for any age and styles

 To prevent the product from losing its shape, please hand-wash it

**When washing, add a little detergent to lukewarm water and wash gently.

After rinsing, wring out lightly and hang dry in the shade.


size: head measurement 58.5 cm
linen 100% / made in Lithuania