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【new】 Chris Pouch Mary
【new】 Chris Pouch Mary

【new】 Chris Pouch Mary

Fog Linen Work

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The simple shape and moderate size of this Chris Pouch make it easy to use.
The gusseted bottom allows for more storage than it appears.

You can use it to hold makeup products, a toothbrush or other etiquette set, or use different contents for each color pattern of the pouch.
The zipper has a leather strap for easy pulling.

The light weight makes it easy to carry, and if it gets dirty, it can be easily washed, so please put it in your bag for daily use.
The three checked colors, "Amber," "Helen," and "Merry," are made of regular fabric, and the two solid colors, "Natural" and "Canary," are made of thick linen fabric.
We also recommend these as small gifts.

size: W 15 × L 12 × Gusset 6.5 cm
linen 100%

made in Lithuania