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【new】Eliana Pants Black
【new】Eliana Pants Black
【new】Eliana Pants Black
【new】Eliana Pants Black

【new】Eliana Pants Black


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Pettipants in tapered silhouette. The lack of side seams and pockets is a nice feature that prevents them from echoing outerwear.

The waist area has plenty of room, and the legs are comfortable as they taper gently toward the hem.

We recommend wearing it with a dress or tunic and rolling it up to expose the ankles for a fresh look.

This item is not only an undergarment, but also a convenient piece to have in your wardrobe to broaden your coordination range.

-Relaxed fit
-Elastic waistband
-No pocket

made in Lithuania

linen 100% / One Washed

length83.5,inseam57cm, waist free